Something New for 2015!

When worlds are connected, a door is opened.

The board has been set, and the pieces are in motion.

Negotiations have been finalized between the Time Space Witch, and the rulers of Ahn. For mysteries great and small, it appears as though the Game has begun anew, and (mostly) well-mannered mischief awaits.

Come, friend, and indulge in frivolous fun, food, and an assortment of refreshments…

Every wish carries a price; something lost, and something gained in return.

On the wings of Memory from worlds near and far the wait-staff of the Cat’s Eye Café is here to serve you.

Ahn!Con brings to you our very own Maid & Butler Café, hosted by Cosplay Cabaret. Join the characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and drop in for a coffee, a cup of tea, or a selection of other goodies from our menu.  Take a break from the hustle and bustle of con life to sit down with our cast in a relaxing café atmosphere, or join us on Saturday for the Tea Party(details coming soon).