Manga Library

Ahn!Con is happy to host the BBP Manga Library from Wichita Kansas.


  • Friday 1PM to 2AM
  • Saturday 10AM to 2AM
  • Sunday 10AM to 4PM

Featuring 2000+ volumes of Manga, including over 200 Yaoi and Bishounen-Ai volumes, the Manga Library will be a wonderful feature for all to enjoy.



Yaoi and Bishounen-Ai Titles:

Air Gear 1-5 8-9
Almost Crying
Alone In My Kings Harem
Antique Bakery 1-4
Aristocrat And Desert Prince (Novel)
Art of Loving
Barefoot waltz
Beyond My Touch
Black Knight 1-4
Black Sun Silver Moon 1-6
Blank Slate 2
Boy Princess 9
But I’m You Teacher
Caged slave (novel)
Cain Saga 5 dup 5 +1
Cigarette Kisses
Clan Of The Nakagamis
Click 1-2
Close The Last Door 1
Cold sleep Novel
Crimson spell
Day I Became A Butterfly
Day OF Revolution 2
Dear Myself
Demon Diary 7
Descendants Of Darkness 1-4
Don’t Worry Mama novel
Dost Thou Know
Earthian 4
Eerie Queerie 1-4
Eternal Love novel
Family Complex
From Up Above
Gakuen Heaven dup
Gakuen Heaven Nakajimas Story
Gentle cage Novel
God Child 8 dup 1-3×2 5-6
Golden Cain
Gorgeous Carat 4 + Gorgeous Carat Galaxy
Gravitation Novel+ Voice of Temptation (also novel)
Hana Muko San
Hate To Love You
Hybrid Child
I Can’t Stop Loving You
Il Gato Sul G 1-2
I’ll Be Your Slave
Jazz 4
J-Boy 1
Junjo Romantica 1
La Esperanza 1-5
Les Bijonx 5
Level C 1-6 dup 1
Little Butterfly 3
Little darling Novel
Lost Boys
Love al cart
Loveholic 2
Lovers in the Night
Love Quest
Love round!!
Man’s Best Friend
Man Who Doesn’t Take Off His Clothes (Novel) 1
Menkui 1-3
Millennium Prime Minister 4
Mood and Sandals 1-
My Only King
One Thousand and One Nights 11
Only the Ring Finger Knows
Only the Ring Finger Knows Novels 3
Our Everlasting 1-2
Ouran High School Host Club 1-16 du 1-7
Our Kingdom 1-6
Paradise on the Hill
Pet Shop of Horrors 10
Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo 1-6
Princess Princess 5
Princess Princess X
Promise of Romance novel
Pure Heart 1-
Rin! 3
Same Cell Organism
Secret room
Selfish Love 2
Shout Out Loud 1-2
Skyscrapers of Oz
Stolen heart
Sweet Admiration Novel
Sweet Revolution
Tea for Two 1-2
Time Lag
Until The Full Moon 2
Vassalord 1-4
Wild Rock
Yakuza in Love 1-
Yellow 4
You & Hajeru