Post Con Post

Yes, we know the title is confusing, but that’s exactly what this post is: the after the con post.

First, we would like to thank all of you, every attendee, panelist, guest, artist and vendor for helping us have such an awesome first year Yaoi convention!  We could not have done it without the amazing help you gave us, and your positive feedback through the con kept many staffers from going insane.  Thank you.

Second, we would like to thank our sponsors, who provided prizes, materials for the con, and advice on how to make Ahn!Con as awesome as could be.  Thank you: Funimation, Akadot Retail, Digital Manga Inc, Deja Blue Circle, Beautiful Androgyny, Motaku, Neko Knickknacks, Fresh Baked Tees, and Enigmagic Design.

Third, we have final attendance numbers.  We would have liked a few more, but given the “blizzard” on Saturday, we are happy that we still hit our goal(and we know you all will tell your friends and help us grow next year).  We had 113 pre-registrations and 102 at the door for an attendee total of 215.  We had 30 artists and vendors and 35 staff for a grand total of 280 people at the convention!

Last, we are already hard at work planning Ahn!Con 2014, but we need your input.  We will be emailing out a survey to the address you listed on your reg forms with questions about what we can improve and what we did well, features you would like to see, etc.  Please take a few moments and answer the survey when it arrives, and we will select a lucky survey submitter to receive a free badge for next year!

We will be updating info on the site with 2014 information as it becomes available, in the mean time, Keep Calm and Carry AHN!