Introducing Ahn!Con

Introducing Ahn!Con, a yaoi-centered convention in Kansas City, MO, January 11-13, 2013. We have some great ideas floating around for making Ahn!Con great for all you yaoi fans out there, and would love to hear from you about any panel ideas you all have as well, so head on over to the programming page and tell us all about it!

We aim to be the best yaoi convention out there with the most diverse and entertaining lineup of guests, artists, programming and fun to be had anywhere. So far we are planning a crossplay contest, yaoi and shonen-ai viewing rooms that will run the whole weekend, lots of panels on everything from shibari, to BL games, to doujin and the Comiket, and lots of Moe in between.

Since much of yaoi is R-rated or better, Ahn!Con is a 17+ convention, and you will be required to have valid photo ID to get your badge. We are doing this in order to make the quality and content of our programming the best we can for the fans. So if you’re not quite old enough, we still hope to see you at a future year!

Registration is open, so head on over and get registered while its cheap!