Another Guest Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce The Flaming Samurai, I mean Princess Stephanie,  I mean, Samurai Dan and Jillian!

Dan and Jillian will be joining us for some awesome things like a self defense class, their legendary cards against humanity night, and the Naughty Ninja Olympics.

We still have a few guests, and a special gift, to announce, so keep checking back.  Until then, you can read more about Dan and Jillian here.

More Gaming!

Ahn!Con is more than just yaoi.  If the panels, showings rooms, and manga library aren’t your thing, perhaps you’ll enjoy yourself in one of our 4 gaming rooms.  We have offered Console and Retro gaming since year one, and last year we added a Tabletop room.

This year we have added the PS4, XBONE, and a 60″ 3D HDTV to our Console gaming room, making us the first convention in the area to offer an XBONE or 3d video games!

Additionally, we have added a second tabletop room so that more of you can enjoy things like our famous Yaoi edition of Cards Against Humanity!

For more info, check the gaming page here.

Something New for 2015!

When worlds are connected, a door is opened.

The board has been set, and the pieces are in motion.

Negotiations have been finalized between the Time Space Witch, and the rulers of Ahn. For mysteries great and small, it appears as though the Game has begun anew, and (mostly) well-mannered mischief awaits.

Come, friend, and indulge in frivolous fun, food, and an assortment of refreshments…

Every wish carries a price; something lost, and something gained in return.

On the wings of Memory from worlds near and far the wait-staff of the Cat’s Eye Café is here to serve you.

Ahn!Con brings to you our very own Maid & Butler Café, hosted by Cosplay Cabaret. Join the characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and drop in for a coffee, a cup of tea, or a selection of other goodies from our menu.  Take a break from the hustle and bustle of con life to sit down with our cast in a relaxing café atmosphere, or join us on Saturday for the Tea Party(details coming soon).

Returning Guests!

We have yet another guest announcement!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Peter Pixie will be returning as our fabulous Master of Ceremonies!

Last year was our first time working with Peter, and he was a perfect fit for our convention.  He does a fantastic job, and was always out interacting with attendees.  We hope to work with him for many years to come.

Check out more info on the Guests Page.

New Guests!

We have several new guests to announce!

Today we are happy to announce Jan Scott-Frazier will be joining us this year to run some fantastic panels covering topics such as LGBTQI characters and situations.

In addition to her experience in the Anime industry, Jan has a Bachelor’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and has had a private therapy practice for 3 years, which leads to fantastic panels like “Creativity and Mental Health.”

We are happy to welcome Jan to Kansas City!  Check out her bio here.

Keep checking back for more guest announcements!

Last Chance for Panel Submissions

If you have a really awesome panel you want to run at Ahn!Con, be sure to fill out the Panel Submission Form before 6PM Central TODAY.

After 6PM Central, no more panels will be accepted and we will begin sorting through submissions.  Selected panelists should receive an email with more info in about a week.

Also, check back soon for some more guest announcements!

Vendor and Artist Inquiries Now Open!

If you are interested in being a vendor or an artist at Ahn!Con 2015, this information is for you!

Artist tables are 6′ long, include 2 badges, and are $85.  If interested fill out the artist inquiry form here.

Vendor spaces have 8′ tables, include one badge each, and start at $110, depending on size and location in the room.  If interested fill out the Vendor inquiry form here.

We do not guarantee a space to everyone who fills out a form.  Forms will only be accepted until November 5th or spaces are full.

2015 Guest Announcement!

We have our first guest to announce for Ahn!Con 2015: E.K. Weaver!

We are thrilled to have her back, as she was so helpful in getting Ahn!Con off the grouns in 2013, and was a fantastic guest the first time we had her out.

Since her last appearance at Ahn!Con she has finished The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal and we look forward to her future endeavors.

You can read her bio on the guests page here.