More Books from Raythe Reign

Thanks again to Raythe Reign, all 2016 attendees will receive book one of their awesome series, The Merman.  Please be sure to check them out online at

Also, our Ahntourage and bonus badge holders will all get a copy of book two, as well as the fanfiction contest winners.


Gabriel Braven is destined for a great love, but he does not believe it.

His parents had a storybook romance … until a freak ocean storm robbed them of their lives and left him alone to be raised by his grandmother.   With their deaths, Gabriel’s adoration for the sea turned to fear, and his belief in happy-ever-afters turned to dust.  Gabriel vowed to never set foot in the ocean again and to never believe in love.

Gabriel kept that promise until after his junior year of college, when he and his best friend Corey return to the ocean-side town where he lost his parents in order to help his grandmother.  Gabriel’s bitter fear of the water has only grown, along with his belief that it is his destiny to be forever alone.

Corey is determined to prove Gabriel wrong.  It is his mission that summer for Gabriel to find love on the beach … and maybe do some swimming, too.  Gabriel will settle for simply not reliving his parents’ deaths every time he hears the rush and shush of the waves.

Both may get their wish as Gabriel discovers the hidden past of the Bravens and the sea sends someone amazing to his aid.